The Bible says that our strength will be renewed if we wait on the Lord. It’s supposed to be a good thing to wait, so why is it so hard and why don’t we like waiting? God purposefully chooses to make us wait. We read how during creation God just spoke and the waters, which covered the mountains, just fled away. Noah has to wait on that ark for about a year as the waters slowly, slowly, went down. God could have had that water fleeing; the verse says it “hurried away.” God didn’t have to make Noah wait. Did waiting keep his family briefly from sin? We know that Saul walked into sin because he didn’t wait. Abraham caused all sorts of trouble by not waiting. We know that waiting is for our good. God is always working things for the good of those who love Him and whom He’s called to Him. So hang on. Wait. Trying to solve the problem in your own strength will cause you to grow weary, but waiting on the Lord will do the opposite. It will give you strength.


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