That We Should Walk in Them

Get up. God’s prepared a work for you to do. He prepared good works for you in advance so that you would walk in them, so that you would do them. But you have to get up first. Feeling like you should invite that family over for dinner or feeling like you should offer to babysit or feeling like you should take your family to local food bank to help out doesn’t accomplish anything unless you get up and make it happen.


For Such a Time as This

The Lord called you by name, created you, formed you, brought you forth, counseled you, protected you, guided your footsteps to this place and time. He has purposed to use you in this time and in this place. He is not a God who creates accidents. There is purpose to where you are.

Just like Esther, you were made for such a time as this. She was created and gifted for a purpose. You were created and gifted for a purpose. Not a day nor a lesson was wasted . He had you in His sights and in His very hand the whole time.