The Power of the Word

The Word in you is the power of the gospel. How does the power of the Word come to live out the power of the gospel? The Word in the flesh, in you, by the blood and the water and the Spirit.

We can all be a part of the ministry of the Word by letting the Word live in us. Everyone can be as Mary and yield themselves to the Spirit’s life in them.

Christ in you is the Word in you. What does the Word look like? It cuts. It heals. It divides. It unites. With the life of Christ, the Word in the flesh, you will be a peacemaker, a joy giver, a beacon and barrister of truth.

Christ’s life is placed in your hands. You can hide it or destroy it, though it would live on elsewhere. You can nourish it, flourish with it. It won’t possess you. You have the control. You must reach out and take hold  of this offering, this gift you’ve already received. Don’t let this gift of life slip through your fingers. Take hold.