Evident Grace

Be filled with the glory of God so that His light shines and His grace in your life is evident.

The Light of Christ Shines

A city on a hill cannot be hidden. The light of Christ must shine. It cannot be put out. It is up to you whether it is hidden or displayed.

The Light that Leads Out of the Dark

Let God ‘s light bring you out of the darkness. He can see in the dark to lead you. Don’t seek refuge and hide there in the dark. Don’t stay there. Don’t seek an artificial light. An artificial light will also trap you there in the darkness. There is a place God leads you where there is darkness, where there is no truth and seemingly no hope. His light is the only way out. Follow His light out of the darkness. Others will follow you, you who see the Light, and will be rescued.

In the Midst

If the Holy Spirit is in you, then you have God in your presence. He’s there in the midst of your day. He’s there in the middle of the mess, in the middle of the chaos, in the middle of the laughter, in the middle of the singing. Wherever you are is where His family is gathered, and He promises to be there too: eating around the kitchen table, playing on the living room rug, reading a good night book on the bed. Look for Him there in the middle of it all, in all the little moments of your day. See Him there. Hear Him there. Honor Him in those moments by shining His light and sharing His love.