That we may be one. That was Jesus’ prayer for us. Don’t be quick to judge the spirit of someone who disagrees. Watch your own pride over your ‘right’ choices. Pride is a quicker way to destroy a group than a disagreement.

A Heart of Flesh

What’s your heart made out of? A heart of stone is unbendable. Are you more concerned with your denominations beliefs or political causes than with what the Bible says? Is the Lord able to teach you new things or do you ‘know it all’? Or, is your heart made of flesh. A stone is strong, but a heart of flesh can break. It is malleable. Do you let God break your heart for the things He is heartbroken over? Are you teachable? Can the Lord open your eyes to where you’ve been wrong? Do you know the answers to these questions? Well, here’s a test. What gets you upset? Is it the same things that stir God to anger or that break His heart?