Written by a homeschooling mother of six who is trying to be still before the Lord daily to learn from Him, the blog posts are notes from those quiet times.


I haven’t always heard the Lord this clearly, this much, this often. In 2006 the Lord told me He would speak to me every day. There were many times it would be three hours of quiet time to hear a single word. How does a mother find three hours of quiet? Mostly in the dark of the night after a child had waken me. I would use that as the Lord’s alarm clock for me. I was also younger then, with just three children, half the number I have now.

My one-year-old boy is my alarm clock now. The Lord is merciful in letting me rise after the sun. There is no set time, but I get to spend about an hour in the mornings in the quiet, alone. I also take times when I’m nursing during the quiet times of the afternoon and the night to pray. It sounds like a lot, but it’s not. It’s a small offering to the One who gave me everything.

It wasn’t always like this. Just last year I felt I couldn’t hear the Lord at all. He had said He would speak to me daily. It was me who couldn’t hear. My son had been born at the end of 2012. He was eleven weeks early. He lived in the NICU for months. He had three surgeries in a year. He has severe brain damage causing cerebral palsy.

I thought I was crying out to the Lord daily, but I realized that I was just complaining. I was fussing. I was upset. I wasn’t getting what I wanted. If you are a parent, maybe you recognize that when a child is set in such an attitude there is no talking to them. They just fuss right back. They need to fix their attitude before they can hear you out.

Thankfully, I’m back on the right track with heart and mind turned toward God instead of looking at myself.


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